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In these pages you will find some climbing sites in Portugal, if you plan to come here on holidays .
To go directly to the climbing schools click in left frame "Climbing Areas" 

Here we make some considerations on climbing with children and beginners .
On Beginners page we try to explain some of our experience to parents who are afraid of children climbing experiences. What we comment is the advantage of this sport for the children psychics, and confident. Remember : in some countries, climbing is the standard gymnastic practice at school.
We explain also in the beginner page some basics of the climbing sport.

The information contained herein is also valid for people looking for new places to climb during the holidays and just need to have a good reason to travel. CLIMBING CAN BE ONE !!!

Scouts in Sintra

In the Map page you have two options :

1- Using the blue buttons you are sent to the site page, where we let you know how to reach the rock and where to stay, among other details.
2 -
If you click directly in the map of Portugal, you will be sent immediately to the route identification, without information on the accesses .

Do not hesitate to mail me asking for information.
The information about some sites is not completed yet. We are working on it. Please be patient! 

These pages are not an official  service, but only a compilation of some main Portuguese rock climbing sites and also a study about questions concerning  young people and this sport.  

Be sure of one thing : we are not climbing champions but will try to be champions in the study of this matter.


Carlos is a Telecommunication professional on the Broadcast business in Portugal.
Hobbies are : Ham radio fishing and collecting
Old radios sold in Portugal
His favourite sport is climbing, because he says that can maintain psychics stability and good health. Carlos also likes tracking in mountains and find new places.

Carlos and Children

Tiago and Filipa are their sons. They are Scouts
Tiago is the climber and Carlos "entered also into the movie".
All they like to spend holidays in mountains.

Jose Luis

Jose Luís Instructing Scouts

José Luís is a professional psychologist working in human resources for an international company.
He is also responsible for outdoors preparation and organisation for some companies.
His preferred sport is rock climbing and tracking.
José is also consultant in scout outdoors activities in Alfragide Scout team 412.
His experience with novice scouts in climbing started in 1990.
He is also founder of NEA which is the group of Alfragide climbers.

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