CASCAIS -Farol da Guia (Light-House of Guia)

30 Km from Lisbon in the Atlantic Coast
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Cascais is a nice touristic area around Lisbon. If you came to climb here you can choose an hotel in Lisbon or in Cascais. For climbers I recommend Cascais, because it is more close to the cliff and at night, you can enjoy the Casino , Bars and Restaurants.

Light house near the climbing site

Light House

How to go there

If you stay in Lisbon, to go to Cascais is very easy.
1 - Take a taxi from the Hotel to the rail way station of Alcantra. It will cost around $ 4 USD from any Hotel in town and it will take around 10 minutes to arrive at the station.
At station, ask for a ticket to Cascais. Cascais is the end of the line. Ticket will cost around $3 USD, and it will take 30 minutes to arrive to Cascais .

Access map to  Farol da Guia
Farol da Guia is at the bottom left of the map

In Cascais, walk or take a taxi trough the village following the marginal road near the sea in direction to the Lighthouse (Farol da Guia )
The distance betweeen the station and the lighthouse is about 3 Km. Remember you are carrying your climbing equipment !
You will see the Lighthouse at your left (see photo). Some 10 meters more at the right side is the entrance to cliff shown in the photo below, go down the 20 m stairs. You arrived.
2 - Is possible to go to Cascais by the motorway . Take it from the Marques of Pombal which is a circular place in Lisbon and go to the end of the motorway. At the end turn left to Cascais,Birre,Torre sign. See the map. Turn to Birre and go to Torre.
Here go a litle more in direction to the Light house near yhe main road along the beach .You are just to arrive to a small park near the gas station. The entrance to the cliff is just in front.
3 - If you are lost ask to go in direction of " Boca do Inferno " ( Mouth of hell ). One kilometre in front is the light house and the cliffs are just there.


Camping is possible only in a camping park near Guincho beach which is about 3 Km away from the climbing cliff - see the map . If you can, stay in Cascais in a hotel or hostage. Hotels at summer in Cascais, will bill you between 70 to 200 USD. The idea of camping should be considered ... Cheque with your travelling agency.
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Rock type

Rock is of yellow limestone very nice and strong routes. This climb is very exigent for arm power and low adherence style.

See here the place !!!

Access to routes

The cliff is just 40m near the road . You park your car at the space near the gas station just in front of the cliff entrance . See the picture.
From here You can access Sintra, where there is another granite climb. See the

Routes characteristics

There are around 60 routes well equipped with difficulty levels between III and 7c and with 6 to 20 meters height. Level III is nice for teaching and beginning climbing .
Look for the complete lampoon topo at Cascais Town Hall . These routes are maintained by ADA-Desnível.

For sectors and routes identification click here

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